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Is that Jesus on Facebook?via Zack Hunt

Facegloria is here – the ‘sin free Facebook’

Brazilian evangelicals have set up a site where being gay is bad, swearing is banned and you ‘Amen’ instead of ‘like’

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any more boring, a group of Brazilian evangelicals have created Facegloria, a site that positions itself as a "sin free" place; a morally superior haven for people who don’t like all the things that "sinners" are into, i.e swearing, gay sex and bikini shots. Facegloria’s co-founder Attila Barros told AFP, "We want to be morally and technically superior to Facebook". Bold.

Facegloria employs a team of around 20 people to act as morality police, swooping in to delete any content deemed anti-Christian. Anyone else got the suspicion that Facegloria might turn out to be something of an "echo chamber".

Instead of a "like" button, Facegloria uses an "Amen". Despite being determinedly atheist, I have managed to bypass the zealous mods and set up an account. I have no friends and just one status wondering when we can "turn shit up" and asking if I can get an Amen. As of yet, it’s not been subjected to a divine intervention.

The site is aimed specifically at Evangelicals, a rapidly growing devout religious group that makes up 22 per cent of Brazil’s population. The sharp rise in the religion’s popularity explains why Facegloria doesn’t allow for any image depicting homosexual activity or violence – these just ain’t topics of interest for die-hard Christians. Even suggesting that homosexuality exists wouldn’t go down well on the site. It’s ambitious too, with designs on targeting a global audience and "taking on Twitter".

Wonderful as the internet undoubtedly is, it’s becoming more and more apparent that our social networks aren’t particularly positive places for debate and progression, given how much time we spend posting conversations to an audience that to a large extent already agrees with.

Facegloria would appear to be the ultimate example of burying your head in the digital sand and pretending that there’s nothing else out there. Crucially, it doesn’t sound like fun either.