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cannes lions sex red carpet
The couple having sex on the red carpet at Cannes LionsDavid Griner

Couple caught banging on the red carpet at Cannes Lions

This is some seriously posh sex you’ll probably never have

For most of us normos, exciting sex is alfresco in a local park past 10pm or getting frisky in a cinema. What most of us don't do is get it on openly on the red carpet at Cannes Lions – not because we wouldn't but just because we can't.

Consequently, the amorous couple who were snapped fucking beneath a billboard that aptly reads "Will See You In The Morning" have all my respect for their brazen approach to lovemaking, yet they also have my envy, for their's appears to be a superior life to mine.

The couple were too far away to be identified, thus making their lives even better – they are the anonymous couple who, if they choose, can regale wonderful anecdotes at parties about that time they made love on the red carpet at Cannes, probably to an ordinary schmuck like me, nodding with a can of Strongbow unable to confess that I once wrote an article about their internationally famous hook up.

The man who captured the moment is Adweek's David Griner, who says that he and a group of friends watched the couple for twenty minutes, before awarding them a round of applause. To be fair, I probably would have done the same.