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Kanye compares his courage to Leonardo da Vinci’s

Talking about the petition that tried to get him removed from the Glastonbury line-up, the rapper went peak Yeezy

Haters get ready, eternal troll/deity Kanye West has just compared himself to Leonardo Da Vinci in the run-up to his Glasto set. People were pathetically angry about his appearance at Glastonbury, signing petitions to get him removed – the same people seemingly happy to watch just about anything else except the rapper.

Kanye gives no shits about petitions and Twitter; he knows that the lion doesn't care about the opinion of the ants and proved it in an interview with the Sunday Times where he compared himself to the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

When asked how he felt about the 100,000 haters who signed the petition he said: "There's things that I think have come off wrong over the past 12 years in how I have resisted the constant being boxed, the constant being put in my place," he says. "I've scrammed my way out of it, I've run my way out of it, I've fought my way out of it and I've spit my way into it. Imagine if Da Vinci or Michelangelo or Galileo were asked not to think of anything except for the one thing they first became famous for. So Da Vinci could only have one idea. For all haters, I’m not saying I’m Da Vinci, but I feel it’s right for any human being to compare themselves to anything."

He didn't say he is Da Vinci (that'd be hard to back up) but compared himself to history's most famous artists because he believes anyone has the right to do just that. He also said that if he wanted to compare himself to a chair then he could and also made a very strange reference to termites. Keep being you Kanye.