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Anonymous is making a super-secret new social network

The hacktivist collective wants to protect your selfies from the government

Think your selfies and chats aren't secret enough on Facebook and Twitter? Anonymous might just have an answer for you, they're developing a new social network that is totally encrypted, so the government can't snoop on your messages.

The hacktivists have already taken on Isis and the EDL, and given us at Dazed a manifesto about how they want to hold governments to account. They're into exposing government secrets, and protecting the privacy of normal people. Anonymous hope to battle Facebook and other less private social media sites with, which markets itself as free and open-source, with encrypted messaging. It implores internet users to take back control of their social media.

The new platform will have the same options as other websites, enabling users to send messages to their friends, write updates about their lives and promote or comment on other peoples' posts. Other companies make money from gathering users' data, targeting advertisements based on it. This site will do the opposite, and act to protect your data by encrypting everything you do. has been launched with desktop and mobile apps, and because it is open-source, anyone can help design the network. They want to make this site by the people, for the people. But will it be able to compete?