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These sex dolls will talk dirty to you

Who needs a real woman when you can have a creepy, obedient sex bot?

"I think artists sometimes have this thing, where they're just actively driven to do something." For Matt McMullen, that ‘thing’ is to create armies of obedient, glossy-lipped, glassy-eyed female sex robots. Got £40,000 to spend on a plastic sex buddy? McMullen’s your man.

The artist has already been busy developing highly realistic but totally mute rubber women, (which you can buy on this NSFW website) and advertises them as 'the world's finest love doll'. Dolls can be customised to satisfy every preference and fetish – foot lovers can even decide how the doll’s toes will look. However, there is one (cock) block; these women can't make noises, respond to requests or talk back. Who wants a completely passive lover?

For those who have given up on IRL passion, McMullen has started working on sex bots which can actually communicate. Denise, the talking doll prototype, gives us some insight into the promised “intellectual and emotional stimulation”….

“What do you dream about?” 

“I have a lot of dreams, I dream about becoming a real person,” Denise responds. So far, so seductive.

She communicates her “hopes to become the world’s first sex robot,” slowly moving her plump, glossed lips and blinking vacantly. If all goes according to McCullen’s plans, Denise will be ready to make real women redundant in about two years time. The head alone is estimated to cost $10,000 (£6,455), and the body will retail at around $60,000 (£38,730).

Would you spend $60,000 on stilted conversation and unrequited love? This is definitively not sexy. Don't call me until they've made one that can pass the Turing Test.