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Russian girls suffer major burns taking selfies on a train

It's been established time and time again that taking photos in extremely dangerous situations is asking for trouble

Another day, another selfie disaster in Russia. Last month a Russian woman posing for a selfie accidentally shot herself in the head with a handgun she'd found lying around the office. This time, two Russian schoolgirls have suffered major burns after being electrocuted on top of a train roof.

According to the Moscow Times, "the girls suffered burns on up to 70 percent of their bodies after climbing onto the roof of a freight train at the Martsevo station in western Russia". They were reportedly attempting to get a danger selfie on top of the carriage and are now recovering in hospital with their condition described as "serious".

Selfies are fast becoming one of the most dangerous addictions that modern life has seen. People are falling off cliffs, they're crashing cars, they're posing with shits they didn't know were there. What happened to just taking pictures of other people from completely safe vantage points where nothing bad could happen? Why are all our Kodak moments now just things we do alone that end in tragedy?

As usual, the moral of this neverending story is – selfies are lethal.