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Syrian rebels support Caitlyn Jenner

Syrian rebels show solidarity with Caitlyn Jenner

Activists from the besieged town of Kafranbel send a message to the trans icon

It's been just over a week since Caitlyn Jenner announced herself on the cover of Vanity Fair. Overall reactions have been positive, except for some losers who set up a petition asking her to revoke her Olympic medal, Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown reposting memes on Instagram describing her as a "science project" and Clint Eastwood making weird jokes that got cut from TV.

However, activists based in a town in northwestern Syria called Kafranbel have shown their solidarity with Jenner, posing with a banner saying that they'll change the name of their town "if it meant, like you, we would be free".

Since the uprising began, the activists have been making anti-Assad art such as banners or cartoons and sharing it on their website along with indignation that the world doesn't seem to give a shit about their situation. They say that they use English to get their message heard internationally.

"It's very important to send our message to all the world," says Raed Fares, an activist in Kafranbel, on the group's website. "And English is the public language." The group also paid tribute to actor Robin Williams when he died last year and have also described Angelina Jolie as "an angel", while also posting serious messages about Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria and a man they describe as a "terrorist".