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Zhao Wei
Probably not gonna win this one, mate

Chinese man suing actress for staring at him

Man evidently unable to turn off TV claims that Zhao Wei's intense eyes are too much and are causing him ‘spiritual damage’

Having someone stare at you all the time can be extremely unnerving. Human beings have a sixth sense for staring; even when you can't see someone staring at you, Jesus Christ you can feel it. This is why I have a tiny bit of sympathy for a Chinese man who is suing an actress called Zhao Wei over her intense stare unsettling him from beyond the screen.

New laws have made it much easier to file lawsuits in China. This has led to increase in cases and ones at the weirder end of the spectrum, e.g an actress inside my TV is staring at me. Just switch it off mate. You can probably file this lawsuit under "Definitely Won't Win", along with that mad 66-year old Nebraskan woman who tried to sue every gay person in the world.

Zhao Wei currently stars in a show called Tiger Mom Cat Dad, a prime-time show that focusses on the difficulties of domesticity and raising a child. In the show (and IRL) Zhao has pretty big eyes and a piercing stare. The plaintiff alleges that it's this stare that's causing him "spiritual damage". He must really love the show if he's preparing for his soul to suffer while watching it.

The actress is one of the most successful and richest stars in China, so if the lawsuit is successful she's certainly got the cash to cough up. However, Gan Wen, deputy head of a case-filing chamber, told the Associated Press at a conference that this case was a waste of time and unlikely to succeed.

"It's not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like these," Gan said.