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Peter Kaaden
Peter Kaaden

The UK is the drugs capital of Europe

Are you proud or sad? We get fucked up more than anyone else on the continent

The weather might be shit here, we've got a remorseless Conservative government and our most famous cultural exports right now are probably Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. However, here comes one more thing we can be truly proud slash ashamed of – the UK officially gets fucked up more than any other European country, according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Are we all depressed escapists? Or do we just love to party? We do so much coke that it's in the water FFS.

The report says that we use cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and amphetamine more than anywhere else on the continent. More heroin and MDMA is seized from users and dealers here than any other European country. Either our police are just super vigilant or we're just caners, pure and simple.

Perhaps due to crackdowns on illegal drugs, the legal highs market is booming, though maybe not for much longer. Use of legal highs has gone up by more than fifty per cent. Drug use in Britain has been high for a while – the British drugs survey in 2014 reported that nearly one in three British adults have taken an illegal substance, and a fifth of those still do. 87 per cent of the people who had taken drugs said that they had never had a problem with substances.

(h/t the Telegraph)