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150,000 Londoners work two jobs to survive

The UK capital is a notoriously expensive place to live and it's driving its people to long hours

Everyone knows that London's a disgustingly expensive place to live in, jampacked with miserable, pricey shitholes like this one to rent from greedy landlords. Weirdly, that doesn't make people want to stop living there. The Evening Standard reports that 150,000 Londoners are working two jobs, a figure that's risen 50 per cent over the past decade.

Labour party politician and mayoral candidate Tessa Jowell says that 10,000 of the 150,000 are care workers, an employment sector renowned for its poor pay and hard workers. She said: “Low pay is forcing tens of thousands of Londoners to work two jobs to provide for their families. Two-job Londoners — at least 10,000 of them social care workers — are the hidden heroes of our city working all they can to keep our city going and keep food on the table.

“This is the clearest evidence of the crying need for a London minimum wage that recognises the much higher cost of living in London. I want every Londoner to be paid a living wage. This is why, as mayor, I will demand the right to set a higher minimum wage for London and I will also use the buying power of the GLA group to ensure that every company we contract with pays their staff a living wage.”

One of the reasons that many people have to hold down two jobs to survive is the cost of rent in London. It was announced today that Berlin will restrict landlords from charging 10 per cent over the local average, in response to rapidly ascending rent rates. It's the first city in Germany to do so. London could do with helping its people in the same way.

Are you someone who works two jobs in London? Are you a care worker? We'd really like to hear your story about life in the city.