Watch a mash-up of Wes Anderson and The Shining

‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’ combines one cult director’s kitsch with another’s horror

We may have to keep praying for Wes Anderson to do a horror movie (Fantasic Mr. Freddy, anyone?), but in the meantime, we can enjoy this mesmerising mash-up of The Grand Budapest Hotel with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Editor-slash-hero Steve Ramsden cleverly spliced together scenes from Kubrick's hotel-based terror with the pastel madness of Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. The result is a pink-hued supercut which shows the similarities between the filmmakers and their obsession with nauseating colour palettes.

This isn't just some fanboy invention, either. There's a visual allusion to The Shining in The Grand Budapest Hotel: the wallpaper motif in Tom Wilkinson's office is a nod to the carpet in the Overlook Hotel. Wes Anderson is no stranger to a good genre crossover, either. Ever wondered what a Wes Anderson-directed Spider-Man would look like? You're welcome.