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Woman accidentally shoots herself in the head taking selfie

After finding a 9mm handgun lying around in her office, a Russian woman tried to pose with the weapon for a photo

The things we do for likes. Selfies have been known to end in total disaster - last year a student destroyed a 19th century statue trying to pose on it rather than next to it like most other people would. The latest selfie tragedy has taken place in Russia after a woman found a 9mm handgun in her office and took a photo of herself with it, accidentally shooting herself in the head in the process.

According to the Independent the 21-year old woman was rushed to Sklifosovsky hospital in Moscow and remains in a "serious condition". The handgun is believed to belong to a security guard who has been on holiday for two weeks. He could face prosecution and jail time for "negligent storage of weapons".

The human race love selfies – over a million are taken each day. That's a lot of competition, so people are endlessly looking for extreme ways to stand out from the crowd. In 2014, the US Forest Service had to beg people to stop taking selfies with wild bears, which seems like something no-one should ever have to warn anyone about.

Climbing up to the top of skyscrapers with selfie sticks is also all the rage. Looking at videos of people really high in the sky who aren't wearing harnesses flirting with death in the name of Instagram makes me feel queasy. Look below if you can handle the vertigo.