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Brooklyn artist Nick Hugh Schmidt auctions Faceboo
Nick Hugh Schmidt

Some artist is auctioning off his Facebook password on eBay

If you want to ruin someone's digital life, it's now on sale at the starting bid of $1

The art market on eBay is either pretty damn creative or extremely weird, depending on how you define art. From selling GIFs to 4chan screenshots, digital artists (and pranksters) are making a killing on the auction site. But the latest artwork on the site takes art auctioning to a new level. For his latest project, Brooklyn-based artist Nick Hugh Schmidt is selling his Facebook username and password. 

The auction “My FB password” started May 4 at $0.99 and included a $5.99 delivery cost. The winning bid will have Schmidt’s Facebook username and password sent to them through the mail on a piece of paper. Who knew UPS shipping was so expensive? Bidding started at $1, but it's since risen to $104.50. 

Schmidt told Yahoo Tech he considered this piece as an extension of his previous work “Unlock and Explore", where he gave his mobile to the public and letting random strangers access all of his texts, emails and social media apps.

"For the duration of the exhibition, my cell phone remained in the gallery - my private life becoming a sort of public theater," he explained. "At the same time, I experienced what it was like to be without a cell phone, and thus out of contact, for an extended period of time."

Schmidt hasn't stated how long the winning bidder will get with his account, but we're taking bets on what they'll do with it. Sign up to a billion Nigel Farage fanpages? Tag everyone he knows in pictures of animal excrement? Who knows. 

You can bid for Schmidt's password on eBay here.