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#FreeTheEggplant: Instagram bans emoji from search function

You can now search Insta hashtags by emoji – with one very notable purple exception

Instagram are now letting users hashtag and search by emoji as part of a new update, but guess what... They’ve banned the eggplant. The innocent purple fruit, often used to tag dick pics, has been totally blocked from the social media app’s new hashtag search engine.

According to Instagram, this is because the eggplant’s association with dicks violates their community guideline of no graphic or harmful hashtags. But this doesn’t mean the penis-shaped fruit is completely banned from the app. Users are still able to use and tag the eggplant in their posts, but they just aren’t allowed to search for it.

The block has upset many Instagrammers, especially as other emojis like the gun and cigarette, which could be considered harmful content, haven’t been banned.

In light of this, some die-hard eggplant fans have taken their grief to social media and started the #FREETHEEGGPLANT, hoping to get Instagram to change their stance on the innocent fruit.

Instagram has always caused controversy with their arbitrary community guidelines. Even when trying to clear them up with more "transparent" rules, the app still ends up seeing ridiculous. So, with constantly frustrated users, it’s clear Instagram should be listening more and asking people what they want.

Most important question being: will they ever #FREETHEEGGPLANT?