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New study shows the emojis most popular in every country

Australians use double the amount of drugs and drink emojis, while the French use the most hearts

By now, everyone's fluent in the universal language of emoji – but how are different countries speaking it? A study conducted by UK developers SwiftKey has shed some interesting light on emoji usage in all corners of the world. British emoji users are an emotional bunch, and largely a content one too: happy faces make up 44.8 per cent of all emojis sent in the country.

In terms of different countries' habits, it's the French who have the most feels. They use the heart emoji four times as much as any other nation, proving that there's something in the myth that they're a romantic old lot. Canadians are the biggest bros, using a lot of money, sports and violent emojis.

Australians, clearly undeterred by the sky-high price of drugs in the country, are the filthy raving hedonists of the emoji world. They use double the amount of booze symbol than any other country and 65 per cent more drug-related emoji. Aussies also are also number one in emoji use for junk food and holidays.

Unsurprisingly, given the size of the country, Americans lead the way for emoji usage in several different fields – they're top of the league for LGBT-related emoji and the characters for birthday cake and... skulls. Inevitably, Russians use the most cold weather emoji.

I'm disappointed to see that Brits lead the way for the caddish, cheesy "winking face" emoji – but maybe that's what we're really like :(

(h/t: Huh)