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Ryan Gosling in talks to star in Blade Runner sequel

Hey girl, wanna hunt some replicants with me and Harrison Ford?

If you feared the world may have lost Ryan Gosling to the world of directing with his new feature Lost River, worry not – the Canadian actor, feminist meme and former Disney child star is still in the movie business. According to reports, he's in negotiations to star alongside Harrison Ford in the new Blade Runner sequel

The forthcoming film will update the 1982 cult sci-fi noir from Ridley Scott, with Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard, the special police who hunts down illegal androids. It's not known what role Gosling would play, although we could easily imagine him playing another burnout bounty hunter next to Ford. Or maybe just a sex robot. Hey, I'm just saying what we're all thinking here.

Details about the sequel have been kept under wraps, with Scott taking on a producer role and Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve on directing duties. As for the plot, all we know is that the film will take place several decades after the original Blade Runner, which was set in the dystopic techno-future of 2019 Los Angeles. 

For now, we'll just ponder the thought of Gosling taking the place of Rutger Hauer, delivering this monologue while shirtless in the rain. Head here to read our interview with the actor on his directorial debut, Lost River