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You can now download and use multi-ethnic emoji

Sadly, there's still no option for the middle finger or interracial couples

After pledging to make emojis more ethnically diverse last year, then rolling out a preview of the update last month, Apple's new range of multi-ethnic emoji is finally here. The wait has been long, the struggle real, but from today you can play around with over 300 new emoji as well as a feature that enables you to modify skin tones.

To download the new emoji, all Apple users have to do is update to iOS 8.3. If you're on your iPhone, you need to head to Settings mode, go to General and then hit Software Update. 

Other additions include same-sex families and 32 national flags for the patriots among us. Brand loyal tech geeks also get a shout out – there's an Apple Watch emoji in there too.

But not everyone is happy with the update, which has switched the default emoji to a weird mustard yellow shade:

There is also the criminal absence of the middle finger emoji that everyone wanted:

And more seriously, a distinct lack of interracial couples:

But one guy is downright delighted with the new emoji: "Thong Song" crooner Sisqo. 

We've been inspired by Sisqo to come up with a few more emoji rap translations. Guess which ones these are – if you get them right, we'll send you some aubergine peach sweat sweat winky face sexts.