Get Lost!

Watch a cast of characters from Skinny Girl Diet to Novelist celebrate the capital’s 32 boroughs and infinite worlds in this film by Cieron Magat

Careering around the capital, with the help of TFL style kings Roundel London, director Cieron Magat takes us on a journey through London's multi-dimensional, ever-changing 32 boroughs. “(The message is) that everything is going to be alright,” the ISYS archive co-founder tells us. “It’s a film about you, not just about those featured in the film. It’s a set of universal truths. Everything you felt as a youth still holds true when you're older – it just stings a little less.” From a Skinny Girl Diet gig in Dalston to Lewisham grime MC and producer Novelist and the Square crew, and the rollerskating gangs riding round Stratford mall, Get Lost! is a visual patchwork of the different routes that our city's kids are taking to reach their goals: “celebrating the common spirit found,” as Magat puts it. Some run radio shows. Some have a kickabout. Some work on the boxing bags. Some fall in love. Most of us ride the Central Line, and all of us dream and wish upon those gutters that sometimes, just sometimes, lead to the stars. Watch the film above, check out the rest of our content detailing the state of the nation ahead of the seismic election on May 7, and below, read what the cast have to tell us about how to survive that beautiful beast of a city. 

Cieron Maget: “Build good relationships with people and fall in love, it will make it all easier and worthwhile. London helped me see that anything is possible – I fall in and out of love daily, but I think LDN living is being comfortable on that pendulum swing.”

“Everything you felt as a youth still holds true when you're older – it just stings a little less” – Cieron Magat

Born N Bread: “We’ve always been in love with our city. The adventures you can get up to are endless, as are the diverse people you can meet everyday. You can feed off other creatives and the constant 'goings on' in the community.”

CKTRL: “Hard work can only pay off. Just consume yourself in your art; it’s not easy but try not to watch people, do your thing. At the moment I feel it’s a time where you can be who you want to be and that’s fine.”

Bbyfce: “London is a neverending source for new ideas. There is just about everything and anything going on from Monday to Sunday, but in a nutshell just all the wonderful free things we have at our finger tips: from galleries to club nights to parks and gigs, we have access to so much. That and the pub culture in the summer – unbeatable!  Most importantly for us, we're inspired by the young women we cross paths with everyday who are shaping this big old glorious city in 2015.”

WaveyGarms: “There’s so many people doing the same thing, so being original in this day and age is really something to be celebrated.  I'm lucky enough to work with some amazing young creatives, all of whom do loads of different types of work. So that’s what keeps me inspired. You can really experience anything you want here, that’s what is so good about this city.”

Natz-y Glover: “There’s so much you can take and make into something else. Theres so many places to escape to, that it makes creating endless. After being on tour, travelling the world opened me eyes and I soon came to realisation that I'm lucky to be from London and have all the opportunities under the sun. It truly made me appreciate all that London has to offer. Compared to other countries we have it all! All the resources and platforms, so it's on you to take action upon that and use it to your advantage.”

Credits –

Directed, filmed and edited by Cieron Magat

Co-producer: Akinola Davies Jnr 

Illustrations: Daniel David Freeman

Text: Jiro Bevis

Motion graphics: Jamal Peace

Music curation: Bradley Miller ‘CKTRL'

Sound mix: Shaun Savage

Featuring music by: CKTRL, Shamos, Brtsh Knights, Panes, Murlo, My Panda Shall Fly.

Second cameras: Akinola Davies Jnr & Sekou Abineri 

Production assistant: Alex Charman

Starring: Scott Cadman, Natalie ‘Natz’ Glover, Aaron Fontenelle, CKTRL, Wavey Garms, Comic Con, Skinny Girl Diet, Lea Valley Ice Disco, China Whites, We Heart Gaming, George Toland, The Square, Bbyfce, Mina & Nathaniel, Salah at Pedros Gym Hackney, Jordan Reynolds, Salah ‘The Beast’ Khalifa, Emil Torrens, Dora Miller, Born & Bread, Frazer Dakar, The Housewarmers, Jay Lyn - Ysatewa, Emerson & the Urban Quads and Krysaor

Special thanks: Andrew Bunney @roundel, David Ellis @TFL, Giovanni Demarchi @slamjam, Dan Holiday @SGD and Peter Todd @nohatsnohoods