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This map marks all of London's anti-gentrification campaigns

Want to get involved in the fight against luxury property developers? Start here

We're all hyper aware that London is undergoing extensive surgery – blink and you might miss the luxury tower block that's just replaced your favourite club. So if you want to join the fight against money-grabbing property developers, just consult this handy Google map created by Action East End, an activism group campaigning for better housing. 

The map pinpoints all the campaigns and flashpoints in London's growing anti-gentrification movement, including the Save The Joiners Arms organisation and Reclaim Brixton's ongoing fight to save the Brixton Arches. It's also a poignant reminder of just how widespread the scourge of 'urban redevelopment' is – from council estates in Barnet and Lambeth and the total wipeout of social housing in West Ham and at the Balfron Tower, this is a problem afflicting everyone in London.  

Graham Jones from Action East End told us: "We try to link up groups who may not have come into contact, try to support smaller groups at their meetings to help get started. The map is an extension of this – sometimes a community group might not realise there’s another similar campaign only just down the road, or someone thinking of starting or joining a campaign might not realise how many groups are out there who can support them."

He added: "[It's about] finding the points of common ground, realising that these fights are often ultimately about the same things: developers ploughing through the city, supported by local and national government, destroying social housing and displacing communities."

If you live in a community that's being destroyed in the name of profit, head to the Action East End site for support and information. Or just check out the Google Map below: