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Oh Coincidence World!

Portland designer and Vectorfunk ambassador Matt W Moore unveils his debut London show Coincidence World.

Matt W Moore is one of those lucky bastard designers whose vast and diverse commercial work and trademark Vectorfunk-styles (with over 60 clients to his name and counting… Nike, Microsoft, The Guardian, Scion, SVSV et al) has earned him worldwide recognition as part of the global elite squad – The KDU. All this, whilst pursuing his personal art career with exhibitions in Barcelona, Tokyo, LA, Paris, Milan now London and soon Sao Paulo. No doubt he loves it. Matt flies in for his debut London show on Thursday March 5th at east London’s Concrete Hermit, Coincidence World.  

Dazed Digital: Can you introduce yourself?
Matt W Moore: I run a studio called MWM Graphics. I work across the spectrum of design and art disciplines. Everything from canvas paintings, textile/apparel design, logo/identity work, digital vector illustration, and massive aerosol murals. I try my hardest to make the art happen. Every day!

DD: Can you introduce Coincidence World?
MWM: It will showcase five different series of my work from the past year. Paint, Ink, Aerosol, Vector, and Collage. It will be a great range of work, from colourful to monochrome, digital to analogue. And chances are there will be at least one piece hanging that matches colours with your outfit. Coincidence? I think not!

DD: Amongst all the commercial work, you always make time for personal artwork. Do you feel a lot of designers defy themselves this inspiration?
MWM: It’s a rock-hard-place-type-of situation. You know? We all got to where we are professionally by being super-dedicated to making art and design on our own, unpaid, for ourselves. I don't think there are too many commercial illustrators that would switch jobs and become a banker if the money was better. We all do it for the love. But I think that somewhere along the way, some of the magic is lost for some artists. Things can change when you start to survive off of what you love to do. Personally, I work really hard on commercial projects so that I can afford to book studio weeks of personal endeavours. Personal work is the best way to evolve your style. If you spend all of your energy doing work for clients that are referencing other client work you already did, eventually it will be a tired look, and you'll be painted into a corner with little room to grow. In contrast, if you always have new ideas and self-initiated projects bubbling in your lab, there will always be fresh stuff for clients to fall in love with, pay you loads of money for, and allow you the freedom to make more art.

DD: That is a BIG client list... any insider tips for Dazed design readers?
MWM: Do you. Work hard. Look at everything (to figure out what's not been done). Learn the business side of the art hustle. Have fun. Network. Travel. Stay open. Evolve. Do square deals. Don't take shorts. Diversify. Enjoy.

DD: What about the elite of design Vs mass public communication.
MWM: For me, doing both is key. It's like a combo-punch. Like a graffiti writer going "All City" or Bo Jackson playing seven sports. Range is conducive to growth. An artist should be accessible to everyone, even if the original works are expensive. Maybe the canvas work is out of most people’s price range, but surely they can snag a few posters. And then of course there is free art like murals and graffiti. This stuff is a crucial ingredient of culture. Our contemporary society would be lost without it.