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david cameron and kim
Awwww, look at that – the two 13th cousins together. Family.

David Cameron says he's related to the Kardashians

It's unsettling when the PM claims to be into The Smiths, but Kim's 13th cousin? The thirst just got real

After taking a bit of a shelling from Paxman during last week's televised interview, David Cameron has lost a bit of ground in the polls at a crucial time in the race for the Prime Ministerial hotseat. He and his team are clearly thinking that he needs to "reconnect with the people", something that Nick Clegg attempted to do this morning when he spent time in front of the cameras with Joey Essex, that guy off that thing who's famous for his total stupidity.

Now, in a filmed interview with Heat, David Cameron has made the remarkable claim that he's Kim Kardashian's 13th cousin. Cameron's got previous for this special brand of thirst – he claims he loves The Smiths (who hate him) and recently declared his love for the Philly rock band The War On Drugs. For extra cred, it was actually his wife Sam-Cam who got him into the band. OMG! There's two of them! And they both love indie music!

It's been a 24 hour period in which political parties have seemingly done anything and everything to associate with people on TV. Yesterday, the Labour Party released Martin Freeman giving them a big fat thumbs up and so Cameron, clearly unsettled by having no actual living, breathing person to pose for photos with, jabbered that he is Kim Kardashian's 13th cousin in a bid to nestle himself firmly within the zeitgeist.

Disappointingly, Cameron said he had "no plans to see his 13th cousin", which isn't really on is it? Come on, a nation screams, she's family! I see my 13th cousin once a fortnight, and on every other day I see my 12th, my 11th, my 10th and so on, with one day off to reflect on how much I love my cousins.

The campaigning has truly begun. The Lib Dems even briefly changed their party logo to a cat, reflecting Joey Essex's inability to pronounce the party name – he thought it was Demo-cats. This comes less than a week after the party ripped off Cassetteboy with a horrible mashup of Clegg and "Uptown Funk".

Yesterday, Labour wheeled out Tim from The Office and now the Tories want in on some of that tasty looking Kardashian empire.

Everyone, the thirst just got real.