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UK British passport
Jon Rawlinson via Flickr / Creative Commons

You might be able to get a gender-neutral UK passport soon

Backed by Labour, we could soon see a breakthrough from the binary of gender

Facebook and Google+ have expanded gender identity options for their users, and it looks like the UK could be following suit. There is growing cross-party support for the introduction of gender-neutral passports, aimed at British LGBT citizens who do not want to define themselves as male nor female.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has pledged to consider 'Gender X' passports as part of an overall rehaul on trans rights if Labour get into government. If the party decides to go for it, the UK would join Australia, New Zealand and Nepal as one of the few places with passports for non-gendered citizens.

Speaking at a PinkNews debate on Friday, she said: "This will be one of the issues that we will look at as part of the trans review that we would introduce, so I’m not saying we will just review it... This will be a specific review that we will do in government."

The passports also have backing from other political parties. The Tory leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Tina Stowell, said: "It’s certainly something I personally would want to explore and find out a bit more as to what the issues are that may be preventing us from making the decision."

Green leader Natalie Bennett and Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Don Foster have also supported the introduction of the passports, which will allow people to list their gender as "X" on their passports. 

One of those campaigning for a gender-neutral passport include Christie Elan-Cane, who has lobbied for the cause for over 20 years. The activist believes that "no one should ever be forced to declare themselves either male or female when their core identity is inherently neither."

After the May elections, Facebook might not be the only place you get to define your identity for yourself.