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.lgbt registration website
The .lgbt registration website

You can now buy a website with a .lgbt domain name

Anyone want to register It's only £33 – bargain!

.com websites are sooo over, right? Well, if you're looking for some way to spruce up your site, Irish company Aflilias has just announced that .lgbt is now on the market. For the princely sum of £33, you can sign up for a domain name ending in dot LGBT.

A spokesperson for Afilias told CBS that the launch is directly targeted at creating a safe space for LGBT communities. "It’s really for businesses, organizations, and other entities that want to reach out to the LGBT market," said Brett Samuels.

Five websites have signed up for a dot LGBT domain name, including LGBT news site Pink News and St Louis-based gay magazine Boom.

But the launch hasn't been plain sailing. In 2013, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association filed an objection to the domain name, alleging that "Afilias presumes that the string .LGBT would bring together the people living the gay lifestyle into a community – as if being gay were merely a lifestyle and not the expression of the essential nature of a gay person, and as if the gay community did not already exist."

It also warned that the domain name could be used by hate groups with ulterior motives. But Afilias reassured CBS that measures are in place to defend against misuse. “We have an acceptable-use policy that allows us to take down sites that are defamatory to the community," Samuels explained.

What do you think? Is an .lgbt domain name a sensible move to a safe place or pointless pigeonholing?

What would be really great (and we're fully encouraging you to spend £33 doing it) is if people took the opportunity to irritate uptight conservatives. You know, has a certain ring to it, right? What about or