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Courtesy of Juan Hurle and Becky Baier

The realm between technology and tradition

Explore the reflective world that illustrator Becky Baier and digital artist Juan Hurle are inhabiting as part of their latest interactive collaboration

In a society that has become ever more obsessed with the concept of self-image and the human aesthetic, Self Portrait positions itself at the forefront of a cultural obsession. The collaboration sees Belgian-based digital artist Juan Hurle join forces with graphic designer and illustrator Becky Baier in an interactive exhibition that couples technology with traditional collage techniques. “My work has always been driven by the influence of music and sound, that is what sparks my imagination the most,” says Hurle. "And this is probably the first time that I worked on a project that does not involve sound as a primary component which is a big challenge.”

As you enter the world that Baier and Hurle have created, you not only discover the importance placed upon the human image but also it's effect on the environment around us. "I find I’m often making connections between the landscape and the human form and condition – it seems like a natural connection to make,” remarks Baier. “For the purpose of this collaboration, I have had to consider the life Juan gives to this image using the software he has coded to make the collage ‘come alive’ and interact with the viewer.” Combining 3D cameras and face tracking technologies with the more traditional mediums of collage and illustration, this is an exhibition that allows the viewer to both reflect and become a part of the artwork.

Self Portrait runs from the 16th – 23rd January, 2015 at the Red Bull Studios. Click here for more information