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Seth Rogen smoking weed
A typical pot smoker

YouGov reveals the ‘quintessential cannabis smoker’

Top interests include playing video games and ‘sitting around doing as little as possible’ (seriously)

You've probably read something from the YouGov data analysis dump by now: the ones that "prove" that Radiohead fans are boring, Morrisey fans are no fun and that Beethoven lovers are likely to own a pet bird. The market research firm has just come out with its latest profile today, someone we're all familiar with. The weed smoker. 

2.3 million people reported getting stoned in the UK this year, meaning that you probably know a stoner – Jesus Christ, you might even be one! But weed culture has never escaped its stereotypes: the common perception is that stoners also love DVD boxsets, Burial, XBox live and not going out much.

So does YouGov throw up many surprises? After crunching the data from 890 stoner volunteers, the answer is no. Not really. 

A typical stoner is male, aged between 25 and 39 with his top "niche interest" listed as "sitting around not doing very much". (Second niche interest? Amsterdam.) If he has a pet, it'll most likely be a cat. This is fairly unsurprising. Owning one is pretty much conducive to sitting around doing fuck all, seeing as that's basically all cats do. While sitting around, the stoner may even indulge in a spot of video gaming or play an instrument.

The chonger describes himself as "alternative", and might think that the world is "controlled by a secretive elite", which might explain why the stoner's favourite website is activist news service If he wants print, it's the Guardian. His favourite brands are Ted Baker, Quiksilver and Diesel. He loves Red Bull and Rubicon. And he's most likely to live in central Scotland, London or Wales.

Maybe I have an unfair idea of everybody else's image of stoners, but YouGov isn't exactly shaking off the assumption that potheads like to sit around playing XBox. Still, we're open to having our doors of perception smashed wide open with a ceramic Bob Marley ashtray, so let us know if this is wildly off the mark.

Read the full YouGov report here. Does this sound like you?