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Saudi woman driving
A Saudi woman driving

Saudi women to be detained for 25 days under driving ban

The two #IWillDriveMyself activists have been already detained without charge for seven days

Over the past year, female Saudi activists have spearheaded a social media campaign to protest a barely believable law in the country that prevents women from driving cars. #IWillDriveMyself encourages women to take a stand and tweet pictures of themselves flouting the rules and driving. Last month marked the one year anniversary of the movement. It's now led to the imprisonment of two protesters, both arrested by Saudi authorities on December 1 and detained without charge.

25-year old activist Loujain al-Hathloul got behind the wheel on November 30 and tried to cross the border from UAE into Saudi Arabia, running into problems at the checkpoint where Saudi customs officials confiscated her passport and held her for 24 hours. 33-year old Saudi journalist Maysa al-Amoudi arrived to give her water, food and support.

Both have been detained since December 1 and conspicuously absent from social media. Between them, they have a Twitter following of over 350,000. A relative told the Associated Press that they'll be held for another 25 days, without any information as to under what law.

Watch a clip from al-Hathloul's journey to the border below on November 30. According to an anonymous source she embarked on the mission to "highlight the absurdity of not being able to drive into her own country".

The two women have been interrogated without a lawyer present and are being held separately, al-Hathloul in a correctional facility for juveniles and al-Amoudi in a prison. Last month, Saudi officials said in a statement that the country would "firmly apply the laws against anyone who participates in a protest by female drivers". As senseless and unfair laws go, this one's up there.