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A (doctored) selfie with a bear@jacob_bean via Instagram

US Forest Service begs people to stop taking bear selfies

‘But what about my Tinder profile pic?’

This is probably blindingly obvious, but you really really shouldn't try to take a selfie with a bear. Still, this hasn't stopped hikers at one US national park from repeatedly trying to snap their new profile pic next to a dangerous apex predator. 

The problem has gotten so concerning that US Forest Service officials have been forced to issue a warning for smartphone-wielding visitors to Lake Tahoe. 

"We've had mobs of people that are actually rushing toward the bears trying to get a 'selfie' photo," park spokesperson Lisa Herron told US Today.

The selfie frenzy is particularly bad around Taylor Creek, where the annual run of salmon attracts many hungry bears.

Herron said that the creek may be closed to the public if the problem continues. She adds: "It is presenting a safety issue. We are afraid someone is going to get attacked."

Back in August, New York effectively banned tiger selfies by stopping people from going anywhere near dangerous animals in zoos, circuses and carnivals. 

In case it needs reiterating, thousand-pound wild animals are not Tinder photo opps

(h/t/ HUH)