Follow a day in the life of Ghanaian teenagers on the world's largest electronic waste site, Agbogbloshie.

Created by ImageFiction Films, Regolith gives an insight into the surreal world of Agbogbloshie, Ghana, where the world's largest electronic waste site can be found. Director Sam Goldwater had heard many stories about the horrors of Agbogbloshie, that it was dubbed ‘Soddom and Gomorrah’ by its inhabitants, and labelled as a virtual war zone. His aim for the film was to determine whether that was true, with only the camera and as little intervention as possible.

"Boys in Agbogbloshie were earning a living alone, hundreds of miles from home, tearing apart computers," says Sam Goldwater. "It seemed to me a profoundly modern story - immediately familiar technology; VGA cables, motherboards, 'Acer' branded flat screens traded and utilised with totally different associations. Technology's value to me was measured in gigabytes, cores, nits - here the values were by the gram of copper, aluminium. Circuit boards are sold in rough plastic sacks by the kilo."