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Jeremy Deller turns to app-making to mark the centenary of WW1Jean-Francois Carly

Jeremy Deller creates free app to commemorate WW1

Mark the centenary of the Great War with this app featuring four new films from the ‘English Magic’ artist

From Radiohead's glitch-art game to literary apps that create visual worlds around new writings, the burgeoning trend for artists to share new work through smartphone apps has made its mark on our smallest screens in 2014. Now it's the turn of Turner-prize winning artist Jeremy Deller to bring his own brand of magic to the App Store – but with his Lights Out: Jeremy Deller project, the results are far from a novelty. 

Lights Out is the artist's new free app, designed to mark the centenary of World War I. Backed by 14-18 NOW, the work will comprise of four new films that will be part of a UK-wide event. The "Lights Out" of the title refers to the event's invitation for people to turn off their lights from 10-11pm on 4th August, leaving only a single lamp or candle alight to create a shared moment of reflection.

Deller, alongside four other artists including Bob and Roberta Smith, has taken this concept – a single source of light in darkness – as a point of departure for his films. 

Only those who download the app will be able to view Deller's films, with one being unveiled each day from the first of the month until the titular "Lights Out" three days later. When the clock strikes 11, all four films will disappear – so be sure not to miss out on the exclusive new Deller before its too late. You can download the app from iTunes here.

For more information see the 14-18 Now website: