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Dan Tobin Smith wants to turn your junk into art

Putting the call out for 'kipple' as the photographer gears up for an impressive installation show at London Design Festival

Last time we checked in with London photographer Dan Tobin Smith he was busy sculpting floral still lifes for the Chelsea Fringe, he's since ditched the florals for trash. The First Law of Kipple, an ambitious new installation show running over the London Design Festival in September, will see Smith cover his East London studio entirely with 'kipple'. Otherwise known as "domestic entropy" according to science fiction writer, Phillip K Dick, 'kipple' has long-fascinated Dan, "I’ve been reading Philip K Dick since I was fourteen, that word 'kipple' always stuck with me. Everybody has some experience of kipple — It can mean clutter but it also has a psychological aspect because of the way waste or clutter affects you.” The project is already well underway with many donating their 'kipple' to the cause – boob enhancers, nodding poodles, diving flippers and plenty of Fifty Shades of Grey copies have all joined the chromatically-themed clutter ranks, but there's still time to contribute. Free and open to the public throughout the festival, Dan's studio will also play host to a series of supper club evenings where dinings can sample a 'kipple'-inspired menu amidst the installation – one man's trash and all that.

Send your kipple in here and follow the project #callforkipple. The First Law of Kipple will run 13-21 September.