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Homeless and low-income patients will now get free medical marijuana in BerkeleyIan Sane via Flickr

Berkeley to give free medical marijuana to homeless patients

Low-income patients with prescriptions for cannabis will also get no-cost weed in the Californian city

Homeless and low-income patients with medical marijuana prescriptions in Berkeley, California are set to receive free medical marijuana. The City Council voted unanimously to change the law, meaning that marijuana dispensaries must give away two percent of all the weed that they sell to patients in need. It can't be any old bud either; the weed must be of the same quality and strength that's given out to the patients that pay.

Speaking to CBS, Berkeley City Council member Darryl Moore said: "Basically, the city council wants to make sure that low-income, homeless, indigent folks have access to their medical marijuana, their medicine." Nice.

One Berkeley marijuana dispensary has been already been giving free weed to the homeless for 15 years but the approval is set to be granted next week, making the benevolence law.

Casual reminder: while this Cali city is making sure their homeless citizens have access to the medicine they need, London is putting spikes up to stop them from sleeping in public spaces. Come on UK, let's up our game.