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James Franco: a target of @icallb's wrath

Instagram troll wages war on ‘bullshit’ art world

The anonymous @icallb account is calling BS on every artist, institution and gallery you can imagine (and James Franco)

Today marks the start of Art Basel, but some people aren't so impressed with the mega-bucks fairs and institutions of the art world. One anonymous critic has set Instagram alight with their scathing remarks and A+ trolling of art world figures including Jeff Koons, MoMA, Christie's, Frieze Art Fair and James Franco (obviously). @icallb's stated aim is to "call bullshit" on the art world. Or, as the user puts it in their profile: "Don't believe the hype." 

This hasn't gone down too well with the targets of @icallb's wrath. High-profile collector and art dealer Stefan Simchowitz was disturbed enough to leave numerous repeated comments on the account.

"Why don't you show us some things that you think are not bs," he writes. "Show us some art that you like. Negatives need a positive or is this just your side show for 3 minutes of hater fame." @icallb's response: "Slightly #OBSESSED much?" 

Here's @icallb on Jeff Koons's latest naked shoot for Vanity Fair:

Way harsh, Tai. 

"Depending on who you ask, the anonymous Instagrammer is either launching uncalled-for attacks, or saying the things we all wish we could," writes Cait Munro at Artnet. "But if some random person hiding behind an Instagram account doesn’t keep the art world in check, then who will?" In other words, hide yo art collections, hide yo Instagram – @icallb is coming for you.

Dazed reached out to @icallb, but they don't seem too interested in anything other than dishing out witty barbs and put-downs. But hey, who can blame them? The art world is rich in people to skewer. Check out the gallery above for some of @icallb's signature posts.