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Voteman is the ballot-hungry EU superhero we need

Denmark may have binned their cartoon mascot for the European elections, but he'd be a smash hit in the UK

Introducing Voteman, the electoral ballot-hungry superhero who will make Danes vote in the upcoming European elections – by any means necessary. That includes punching women out of his bed, using dolphins as waterskis and literally thwacking apathetic voters into the voting box. Basically, the man's a fucking powerhouse.

The Danish government might be more liberal than our prudish MPs, but it seems almost unbelievable that it commissioned this leather daddy hero to encourage electoral turnout. Obviously, Denmark's cartoon campaign only lasted a day after a backlash condemned its lavish use of violence and sexual content. 

Anders Samuelsen, a Liberal Alliance MP, told the news agency Ritzau: "I can't understand that you would use violence against women, porn, severed heads and the handout of I don't know how many slaps as an argument for people to go and vote."

We think that the Danes have made an error in withdrawing Voteman – we'd definitely vote with the threat of a perma–fucking, dolphin-riding maniac looming over us. If Voteman ever wants to ride his dolphins over here, we'd welcome him into the country, never mind what UKIP might have to say.

Watch Voteman in action below: