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TNT wasn't allowed for a reason

Vandals invade a virtual Minecraft version of Denmark

Anonymous gamers detonated bombs across the landscape and covered the remains with US flags. Oh, America

When the Danish government designed a digital version of their country on Minecraft in the hopes of encouraging children's interest in geography, it probably didn't count on vandals razing the whole thing to the ground and planting American flags all over the bombed-out landscape. But that's exactly what happened. 

Denmark initially banned the use of dynamite in the virtual replica of their country – but that didn't deter the anonymous gamers, who worked out that explosives could be detonated when hidden in mining carts. The gleeful vandals then covered the ruins with American flags and banners. Lesson number one: never try to ban anything in an open world game.

"Only a minor area was destroyed," a government spokesperson reassured the BBC. "The flags actually appeared right where the players start, so I think the people who put them there wanted to gain as much attention as possible."

But happily, the first people to clean up the mess were other Minecraft players, who replaced it with green grass and peace signs the following morning. 

Vandalism aside, Minecraft communities have also come together in the past to make beautiful things happen. Earlier this year, a Minecraft player lost his wife at the tragically early age of 41. With the help of other players, he created a statue in memorial to his late wife and designed a plaque paying tribute to her memory.

Have a look at the cyber cenotaph below: