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A participant during Madrid Gay Pride waves a rainbow flagMike Slichenmyer via Flickr

Spain is the world's most LGBT-friendly country

Spaniards believe that homosexuality is ‘morally acceptable’ more than any other nation, poll finds

It might be a predominantly Catholic country, but Spain is officially the most LGBT-friendly nation in the world, according to the results of a new poll by the Pew Research Centre. 

The study polled participants from 40 different countries on different topics and what is considered morally acceptable and unacceptable, including questions on marital affairs, gambling, honosexuality, premarital sex and getting a divorce. Spaniards declared that they don't give a toss about same-sex action – only six per cent said it was morally unacceptable, the lowest out of all the other countries surveyed.

Check out the top ten countries below:

Britain only came fifth in the league table of tolerance, with 17 per cent saying that homosexuality was immoral. Meanwhile, the United States didn't even make the top ten: it landed in 12th place, with 37 per cent disapproving of homosexuality outright. 

Spain has been flying the flag for tolerance for almost a decade now – we may only just be celebrating the legalisation of same-sex marriages over here, but Spain did it nearly a decade ago in 2005. Its annual Pride parade in Madrid is widely known as "Europe's biggest party", and the city will host the World Gay Pride event in 2015.

So we at Dazed say: Amor y felicidad para todos en el mundo. Anyone who's actually Spanish, please feel free to correct us.