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Smoke crack and avoid the cops in the Rob Ford video game

Choose your own crack-smoking political adventure with this online game inspired by the controversial Toronto mayor

Over the past year, Rob Ford has written and starred in his very own ultra-realistic soap opera – towards the end of 2013 it seemed as if there was no limit to the inordinate amount of inappropriate infringements the man could commit. The embattled mayor of Toronto confessed to smoking crack, told reporters he "eats enough pussy at home" and caused numerous public disturbances. It was perhaps only a matter of time before politics' most famous hedonist starred in a video game. 

In Rob Ford The Game, you control the Mayor Of Toronto (quite incredible that he's retained that title) and lead him on a journey round a 2D platform of a city – you can pick up crack, weed and booze, as long as you avoid cops and journalists.

The developers told The Daily Dot that all the audio comes from actual Rob Ford clips: "We wanted to build something fun that makes a point, and we think we accomplished just that."

Head here to play.