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Lightwave: if you can't use your eyes and ears to find out if people are having fun

The wristband that tells DJs if their audience is having fun

Lightwave, a wearable tech band, promises to transmit ‘crowd engagement data’ to DJs

Reading the room. Knowing your audience. Feeling the vibe. All of these things are vitally important to any self–respecting record spinner hoping to get those fists in the air. But if any DJs out there struggle to ascertain exactly what their audience is feeling (like this guy), they needn't worry any longer. A piece of wearable tech called Lightwave promises to deliver crowd engagement data to DJs in real time, so they know exactly what their audience is feeling.

Much like the Nike+ Fuelband, the Lightwave wristband measures data such as movement, audio levels and body temperature. Attendees receive a band at the beginning of the show, and the information gathered from them is fed back to the DJ, who can consult analytics whilst he's playing. The system can also be set up so that certain "events" (a bass drop, for example), can be unlocked when the intensity of the crowd peaks over a certain threshold.

A bro-y EDM promo video for the wristband promises "LIFE EXPERIENCES ENHANCED", a hope that "ENERGY BECOMES ART" and "LIVING AND BREATHING", two things that we'd hope are already happening for any half-decent audience/DJ relationship. 

This new piece of wearable tech is said to be exciting businessmen who know the word "raving" from somewhere and people who have never been out.