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Drunken Satyr is now missing a left legNicola Vaglia - Corriere della Sera

Student destroys 19th century statue while taking a selfie

Climbing into the lap of a Greco-Roman artwork to Instagram yourself? Sounds legit

First rule of any museum or gallery: don't touch the art. But one student in Milan didn't just break the golden rule: he also climbed onto a 19th century statue while trying to take a selfie.

The incident took place at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, one of Italy's most highly valued academic institutions. The statue is called The Drunken Satyr, and portrays your average human-animal hybrid catching a snooze. We imagine the nap got rudely interrupted when the unnamed student climbed into its lap and subsequently broke its left leg off. 

Fortunately, The Drunken Satyr is a 19th century copy of a much more priceless Greco-Roman piece of art. The crime was recorded on CCTV, but nobody knows if the student managed to upload that pic onto Instagram before getting caught. #studenttrip #picoftheday 

While we're sitting here thinking about the mindless destruction of impressive things that mankind has slaved over, let's take a look at this painfully awkward interview in which a klutzy reporter completely destroys a man's unbelievable sandcastle:

Have you ever accidentally destroyed a historic piece of art by accident (especially while taking a selfie)? Are you the guy that took the statue's leg off? Please send in your picture if so.