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andrew coffamn
Via Flickr / Drew Coffman

This Reddit bot will tell you when you'll die

A new bot has arrived to haunt users on the site, telling them how long they have left to live

A bot called Last_cakeday_bot has appeared on Reddit that informs users how long they have left to live. Any user who references their age in a post (e.g. "I'm 24 years old... am I too old for this Hunger Games subreddit?") will receive an automatic response from the bot that informs them how many weeks they have left to live, as calculated by the average American life expectancy of 78 years. 

The bot was designed by Reddit user Mustermind, who responded to a callout on the site from a user called Doos, who offered $10 to anyone who could meet his bot specifications. Mustermind responded within 24 hours. Cakeday is Reddit slang for a user's anniversary on the site, FYI. 

Normally, bots intrude on internet life offering half-human conversation and interactions that go nowhere, but Doos told The Daily Dot that he intends Cakeday to be a deeper bot than that. "“A few million people,” he hopes, “will experience momentary contemplation of death and subsequently spend their time a little more wisely before the gulls come home.” 

So if you don't want to consider the idea of heading to the grave next time you're posting on Reddit something like "I'm 26 years old and I still don't know how to operate a washing machine", just leave your age out of it. Check out Cakeday in action below: