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Spin the art wheel with UbuRoulette

UbuWeb, the online avant-garde archive, has launched its own version of Chatroulette

UbuWeb is the definitive source for avant-garde material on the internet, spanning everything from Jean Baudrillard lectures to obscure Andy Warhol clips. And now it's launched UbuRoulette, a service that randomly chooses a film from their archives for you to watch – like Chatroulette but with more French philosophers and less penises. 

In three clicks we were directed to the Beckett classic Krapp's Last Tape (starring Harold Pinter), a documentary intended as a visual company to David Sylvian's Manafon, and a film about the hardships of female prisoners in an Iranian prison. We don't have the time to watch all these now (we're like, busy), but UbuRoulette has been firmly reserved for some down time.