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Has Mt. Gox founder made off with all the bitcoins?

Hackers infiltrate the blog of CEO Mark Karpeles and claim he has hidden customers' money

The chaos surrounding the downfall of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has intensified after anonymous hackers took over the personal Reddit account and blog of its CEO, Mark Karpeles, yesterday.

The hackers, who refer to Karpeles as a "bitch titted motherfucker" in a post on Pastebin, claim that they "didn't steal any bitcoins, as there were none to steal".

Amongst the information shared was Karpeles CV, his home address and a spreadsheet of trading history. However the most interesting find was a list of account balances – in the file posted on Pastebin, Karpeles has listed a total of 951,116 Bitcoins, an amount that hackers say proves he's lying about cyber thieves infiltrating Mt. Gox and stealing everyone's money. Or, as they put it: "That fat fuck has been lying!!"

Perhaps this is an example of shocking bookkeeping: Karpeles is notorious for his disorganisation. Or maybe this is evidence that there are indeed many more layers to the Mt. Gox story – an incident that has left many Bitcoin users frustrated, angry and out of pocket.