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Together Inseparable© Kaye Donachie, courtesy Maureen Paley, London, 2013

Kaye Donachie's Malady of Death

An exclusive look at the most recent show from one of Stacy Martin's favourite artists right now

To celebrate this month's Girls Rule issue, Dazed is running a series of takeovers, kicking off today with a Stacy Martin special, including: a thinkpiece on Lars Von Trier's men, this Kaye Donachie feature, a head-to-head interview between and Nymphomaniac co-star Sophie Kennedy Clark, and pieces on the satellite conducting a health check on earth and 19th-century actress Eleanora Duse that could teach us all some lessons. Keep checking our Stacy Martin Day page for more throughout the day. 

Kaye Donachie is one of Stacy Martin's favourite artists. Glaswegian-born Donachie's fascination with heroines and literary inspiration runs throughout all her projects along with her subtle nods to romanticism making for a collection that is more "poetic than narrative" in effect. In her most recent exhibition at Maureen Paley, Donachie focused on the female character in Marguerite Duras' French novella The Malady of Death, in which a man pays a woman to stay with him by the seaside and teach him how to love. The ambiguities behind Donachie's brushstrokes create a world that is "part living, part dreaming", she says of the series. "In the paintings the character and the description of time and place drift between dream and reality, as the day passes into night. The paintings and drawings are structured like pages from a book but the play or script denies any linear narrative seeking to express evocative moments in time."

You can find more information on Kaye Donachie's previous shows at Maureen Paley here