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'You Are Beautiful' by Daryl Waller

Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are

London's brightest young artists come together to explore notions of identity

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” is a question we’ve all heard at one time or another, but it’s also the title of an exhibition in which we’ve asked five of London’s most exciting young artists to explore notions of identity – posing fundamental questions about the shifting, amorphous nature of “self” in a society obsessed with celebrity, success and glamour. The show is essentially concerned with how we define ourselves within the parameters of this society, asking whether the motifs we employ as signifiers of our individuality are truly chosen, or simply the results of social conditioning. Through a variety of different mediums all of the artists involved tackle the notion that identity exists in a state of flux. The show features Luke Drozd's twisted re-workings of classic strips from Peanuts; Hal Sear's excruciating photographic meditations on loneliness; Daryl Waller's Letters To Axl Rose, in which he has inveigled fans into writing letters to him in the belief he is the cyber incarnation of their idol (a book featuring all of these letters will be available to buy); and a short film by Kirsten Edwards and Debbie Metherell, in which a 78-year-old man reflects upon what it means to be a "truly distinguished" individual in modern society.

Who The FUCK Do You Think You ARE runs from February 5 – April 2 at The Dazed Gallery. This exhibition has been curated by John-Paul Pryor. For more details contact