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Celebrating the inauguration of Morph into the fashion world… finally.

Morph is on the cover of the next issue of Esquire. Over 30 years after his first appearance on children's TV show Take Hart, the little brown guy is starring in a fashion shoot with his naughty sidekick Chaz. There has never been anything more amazing!

The infinitely mutable bundle of clay and desk buddy of Tony Hart is truly a plasticine hero. Not content with acting as a sidekick to Hart, Morph set upon moulding the young hearts of the British nation. He made it okay for everyone to play with clay, and demonstrated that on-screen transformations can be more impressive (and far more imaginative) than the before and after on 10 Years Younger. Although it was rumored that the demise of Morph came in the form of a fire back in 2005, he is now thoroughly resurrected and back in the public eye, this time as a style icon and cult-like figurehead. So, who knows what is next for the ever-versatile pencil case rebel. A judge on X-factor? An Iceland ad campaign? Or maybe the release of the next terracotta-infused fake-tan. Anything is possible.

Until then, to pay fitting tribute to Morph, we urge you all to fill your pockets with clay and your mouths with his trademark ‘gobbledygook’. We love Morph.

The March issue of Esquire goes on sale 5th February.