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Issue 170

Issue 170

Far Out Into Orbit With Bat For Lashes

Wild At Heart
Cosmic Wonder, Lynchian alter-egos and psychedelic sounds are all in a day's work for Bat For Lashes. Dazed travels to the Californian desert to discover the psychedelic source of Natasha Khan's far-out vibrations.

Hussein Chalayan
Ahead of his first major British exhibition, fashion's mad scientist Hussein Chalayan teams up with Dazed to create an exclusive shoot, and talks isolation, recession, and innovation.

Eye of the Storm
Cult leader of noise legends The Boredoms, Yamataka Eye invites Dazed into his reclusive compond for an exclusive interview.

Breaking the Ice
This month, Dazed steps into an alternate reality with icy landscapes, imaginary architecture, robot rockers and mutant video games.
Obama's Victory
MGMT director Ray Tintori looks back at the historic White House race.

Your History
Photographer Taryn Simon on documenting America's best kept secrets.

Iconic Streetwear
Cult Japanese designer Kazuki and simian songsmith Ian Brown present an iconic streetwear collaboration.

Fashion Forward
New York fashion designer queen Donna Karan celebrates 20 years of DKNY.

Hot Shot
EPMD's legendary hip hop producer, Erick Sermon, gets vocal about gay rappers, robot rhymes and Donald Trump's comb-over.

Art: Hung & Drawn
Richard Hawkins explores time and decay in haunted architecture; macabre illustrator Kate McMorinne shares her top five fears.

Literature: Bound & Flogged
Michel Faber writes a bizzarre story; Simon Reynolds uncovers more post-punks.

Film: Cut & Wrapped
Darren Aronofsky makes Mickey Rourke wrestle; Teenage vampires stalk Stockholm in Let The Right On In; Beautiful Losers celebrates slacker art;Michelle Williams hits skid row in Wendy & Lucy; Montreal's Underground Film Festival comes up for air; rich kids cause trouble in Una Semana Solos

Music: Agony & Ecstasy
Folk-pop duo The Do set their sights on Britain;There Are Powers push ghost punk; U-N-I rap about a love supreme; CFCF channels TV frequencies; Menlo Park Recordings break a 14-year silence;Wavves feels angry; An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump whip up an insane sonic brew; Alessi's Ark beams down from another dimension; John Kennedy mixes up ten years of X-Posure classics.