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The must-see galleries, artists, shows in this week's Hung & Drawn from Amy Knight


Vince McKelvie's '3dGif', made in collaboration with Tim Baker is a Web-GL-based site where still and moving imagery is mapped onto animated 3D forms: a central, amorphous shape within a rotating cube. Each time the page is refreshed a new image is transformed, and while some work better than others, the overall effect is one of trancelike awe. 3dGif itself was released several weeks ago, but McKelvie has recently added a feature that pulls the most recent posts from your own Tumblr and animates them across your screen. Your eyes will hurt, but it's worth it.

ART EVENT OF THE WEEK: Total Vitality: Julia Tcharfas, Summer Workshop Inspired by a Banana Wine Recipe (

Tonight at Bold Tendencies in Peckham, artist-led project Total Vitality is offering a summer evening workshop and presentation themed on 'Counterculture, Communes and Intoxication', which will leave you with your very own bottle of banana wine. Led by artist Julia Tcharfas, guests will be given the ingredients and instructions for the last remaining recipe from her recent cooking project, Cafe Visionaire, which explores counter-cultural life experiments, intoxication and participation.

EXHIBITION OF THE WEEK: Tropical GIF at Domain Gallery

As galleries are winding down for August, there is still much to see on their web-based counterparts. Online exhibition space Domain Gallery opens its new show Tropical GIF tonight at 8pm (UTC+02), curated by Madrid-based artist Manuel Fernández. Featuring work by - amongst a healthy line-up of 19 artists - Jennifer Chan, Lorna Mills and Anthony Antonellis, the show promises to be replete with parrots, palm trees, dolphins and sand dunes: an appropriately summer-themed backdrop to new computer-generated creations.

ART BOOK OF THE WEEK: El Libro Mutante

The people behind the Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair, a research and dissemination project on independent publishing and its relation to visual culture are releasing a book to accompany its second instalment. Named El Libro Mutante: Self-Publishing Viewed From Spain, each page is dedicated to a brief and nicely designed snapshot of a self-publishing enterprise - the first half consisting exclusively of Spanish publishers, including Barriobajero and Feréstec, the second expanding its horizons to the rest of Europe, with O Fluxo and PWR Paper. The fair itself is a celebration of independent national and international publications, showcasing experimental art, design, photography and illustration from Spain and beyond. 


Some very enticing work involving cherries, rope and wooden crates can be found on the website of young US artist Rebecca R Peel. Her assemblages, often combining physical and digital elements, have a thoughtful, controlled sense of balance and considered approach to materials that is ineffably pleasing. Born in 1990 and currently living in New York and Portland, Peel is participating in the DISCrit 89plus competition, which is seeking new talent from artists and innovators born in or after 1989.