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Photography courtesy of Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity love Keith Haring

The LA denim label supports the artist's must-see Paris retrospective, waxing lyrical about his enduring relevance

Amy Williams, president: Jerome [Dahan, Citizens of Humanity founder] who was born here in Paris, actually had no real exposure to art as a child and when he went to New York back in the 80s, street art and Keith Haring were very much in the social consciousness. He was able to see those kinds of artists outside of a museum, which wasn’t a place where he would feel particularly comfortable. Years later when he found some financial success, one of the first things he did was buy the Keith Haring piece and a Basquiat. Haring had the courage to talk about social issues, which is very inspiring. He was the originator of the pop-up store concept, which not many people realise and brilliantly combined street with museum. Supporting the arts is important to us as creative people and what we very much want to be able to do. Plus denim too had its moment in the 80s, when it really became part of popular culture in a big way.

Jared Freedman, creative director of strategic branding: I think our generation really connected with the artists of that era, so now being able to be involved in a retrospective of Keith Haring, it comes back full circle I guess. He set a new generation of artists, opening up this world 30 years ago. So much greatness has come out of it.

Keith Haring, The Political Line runs until 18th August at Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris