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Hung & Drawn

Our visual arts editor, Francesca Gavin on this week's highlights


American artist Danny McDonald is one of those true artists that quietly makes work rather than chase fame. The results are strange performance related objects made from a plastic 80s smorgasbord of toys, books and odd ephemera. The main trust of this exhibition is a line of sculptures on plinths – that work as a perfect hole culminating into a giant smashed Felix the Cat head donated by gallery mate Mark Leckey. Together the works form a genius reimaging of the weirdness of a late-20th century childhood. Unmissable.

Feb 14 – Mar 23, Cabinet, 39-49 Old St, London


This is Mike Nelson’s fourth exhibition at Matt’s Gallery. The space is a bit of a pain to get to but the pilgrimage is worth it for once of the best exhibitions you’ll see this year. An room of sculptures – that can only be seen by a limited number of people at a time – made from materials including old sleeping bags, chicken wires, pitchforks, American army badges, plaster, concrete. The result is anthropomorphic objects that makes your spin tingle. A room of intensely atmospheric works that continues to prove that Mike Nelson is a living legend.

Feb 13 – Apr 14

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Raymond Pettibon/Upset the Rhythm

Upset the Rhythm has teamed up with SPACE for two free nights of music and video to coincide with their current incredible show ‘HUMAN WAVE: The Videotapes of Raymond Pettibon’. The first take places this Friday, pairing Pettibon’s Sir Drone (1989) with music from Woolf, Primitive Parts and Feature. Apostille, Shopping and Way Through will accompany Pettibon’s comedic Patty Hearst inspired piece ‘Citizen Tania’ in March. This is one of those genius combinations where art is reinvigorated by a new generation and bound to be rammed.

Friday Feb 15, Thursday Mar 7

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Museum of Online Museum

The internet is the ultimate archive and this fascinating site takes that a step further by bringing together online museum into one weird and fascinating hub. Essentially a lot of the site is a big list of links – but what a list. TV Channel logos, seed catalogues, Airbus stickers, joysticks, envelope security patterns – the list goes on. Whatever weird ephemera from history you are curious (or not so curious) about, it's here.

PUBLICATION OF THE WEEK: Martin Boyce ‘A Partial Eclipse’

Turner Prize winner Martin Boyce is an artist that usually make sculptural installation so this book of his private photographic work published by MACK is a very interesting – and surprisingly beautiful – new direction. The book’s images are all a muted bluish monochrome, interspersed by pale grey blue pages like a visual ellipses. Most reflect a search for pattern - curtains, stairwells, leaves, tiles – and the results are hauntingly memorable.