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5 Broken Cameras

Cut & Wrapped

This new week's films explore the African hardcore music scene and the hyper-violent South Korean film animation


A powerfully personal, human documentary from Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi assembled from years of footage shot by Palestinian farmer Burnat in his village of Bilin on the West Bank. Having acquired his first camera in 2005 after the birth of his son, Burnat makes a video-diary of his family’s daily life, which soon takes on wider resonance as a record of his community’s spirited resistance to Israeli territorial expansion. Released on DVD by New Wave on 28 January

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Death Metal Angola

War-ravaged Angola is the epicentre of the African hardcore music scene. Death metal, thrash metal and melodic death-core provide the cathartic soundtrack for a generationintent on moving beyond the failed attempts to reconstruct their homeland. This documentary by Jeremy Xido charts efforts to mount the first-ever national rock concert. Screening at the Rotterdam Film Festival on 28 and 29 January

OLD FILM OF THE WEEK: The Woman of the Dunes

Villagers trap an insect-collector into living with a fragile young widow in a house underneath the sand in this magnificently creepy 1964 Japanese film from director Hiroshi Teshigahara. As he helps her each day to scoop out the sand encroaching on her home, a bond between them grows, and he starts to reconsider his fate. Screening at the Barbican in London on 27 January

NEW FILM OF THE WEEK: The King of Pigs 

This visually lush, hyper-violent South Korean animation from Yeun Sang-Ho sees 30-something Kyung-Min commit an impulsive, shocking act after his business goes bankrupt. He seeks out his former classmate - now a ghost-writer - who he's not seen for 15 years, and the two reminisce on the harsh bullying of their school days. A lament for human interaction corrupted by subtle class hierarchy. Out on 25 January

FILM EVENT OF THE WEEK:  Let's Keep It Short

London shorts showcase Let’s Keep It Short celebrates its first birthday this week by screening some of the best of recent shorts, including two 2013 BAFTA nominees (The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson and Muriel D’Asembourg’s Good Night) and past BAFTA winner I Do Air, by Martina Amati. Live music after. At the Hackney Picturehouse on January 25 at 7.30pm