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Taken with the Nokia Lumia 920, ISO 200, -2 stops

The Longest Night II

Here are our final two photosets of the darkest dates in the calendar, created using the new Nokia Lumia's low light capabilities

Tomorrow night isn't Christmas, it's the billion-year-old reason we need cheering up this time of the year: the winter solstice, the night in which the northern hemisphere reaches its furthest tilt from the sun. Pagan, Christian or sceptic, in 2013AD or 2013BC, Stonehenge or South Chicago: this will be your shortest day and your longest night. 

As ever, where the ancients said "religious ritual", here at Dazed we say "photo project". On hearing that Nokia's new Lumia 920 had previously unseen potential for shooting outside of DSLRs and works excellently in low light, we decided to dispatch four of our favourite photographers touched by the dying light to shoot their take on the solstice.

After Chicago's Tommy Nease and London's Bafic yesterday, here are two more night visions, from Cameron Alexander and Alec McLeish.

Pull on the coat, open the door and set your eyes front. It's about to get dark.

Cameron Alexander, one of the three London photographers in this project, used the camera's unmatched range of film speeds and sensitivities around the interzone of Hackney Road, London. 

Alec McLeish, a photographer based in the British capital, made full use of the camera's sport-mode function to capture details of smoke and light in the run up to the dead of night. 

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